Working with Web Gateway

You work with Web Gateway as an administrator to ensure it protects your network against threats arising from the web.

To provide this protection, you install Web Gateway as an appliance within your network. The appliance filters web traffic that occurs when users access the web from within your network. The filtering process follows the rules of your web security policy.

After the initial setup, you continue on the user interface, dealing mainly with:

  • System settings — Control the appliance system
  • Policy rules — Ensure web security

At the initial setup, you are already prompted to configure some system settings. A default web security policy is also in place after the initial setup.

To be sure that your web security policy works as expected and to take measures if it does not, you are also dealing with:

  • Monitoring — Shows performance parameters
  • Troubleshooting — Offers measures to address issues

To carry out any administrator activities, access rights are required. So, you also need to manage:

  • Administrator accounts — Control access to the different fields of administrator activities

An account for a Super Administrator is already configured after the initial setup.