McAfee® Web Gateway is a web security product that protects your network against threats arising from the web.

Web Gateway is installed as a physical or virtual appliance, which serves as a gateway that connects your network to the web.

Following the implemented web security rules, Web Gateway filters the traffic that goes out and comes in. Malicious and inappropriate content is blocked, while useful matter is allowed to pass through.

Web Gateway is part of a solution known as McAfee® Web Protection.

  • Within this solution, Web Gateway protects your network against threats that arise when on-premise users access the web from inside your network.
  • McAfee® Web Gateway Cloud Service (McAfee® WGCS) is the part of the solution that protects web usage by cloud users, who access the web from outside your network, for example, while traveling or working at home.

As an integrated solution, Web Protection allows you to enforce the same security policy for web access by both on-premise and cloud users.