What's new in the 9.0 release

Releases can introduce new features and enhancements or update platform support.

Note: McAfee® Web Gateway 9.0 is provided as a controlled release. For upgrade information, see the McAfee Web Gateway Installation Guide.

Support for Azure Key Vault as HSM technology for Hybrid

Azure Key Vault is the only cloud HSM that is 100% API based and does not require installing a client or agent. As such it is best suited for cloud-to-cloud key security.

Transparent Bridge mode resumed

Web Gateway can be run as a proxy in Transparent Bridge mode again. This network mode had temporarily not been available due a change in the product architecture.

File opening scope enlarged

The scope of the Open XML file opener has been enlarged. This opener now makes custom properties data available for DLP inspection in addition to the document data that is already extracted.

New options for configuring network communication

Several new options have been implemented to enhance network protocol handling on Web Gateway.

  • Priority can be configured for WCCP services.
  • Uptime and DHCP IP addresses are displayed on the user interface.
  • gRCP trailing headers are supported under HTTP2.

No FIPS certification

The product is no longer certified to comply with FIPS regulations. Web Gateway 7.8.2 is the latest product version that is FIPS-certified.