What's new in the 8.0.0 release

Releases can introduce new features and enhancements or update platform support.


McAfee® Web Gateway 8.0.0 is provided as a controlled release. The version number for use with the mwg-switch-repo command is 8.0.0 if you are upgrading from version 7.8.2 or later.

For more information about how to install a controlled release, see the McAfee Web Gateway Installation Guide.

Integration with McAfee GTI Private Cloud

When filtering URLs, Web Gateway can gather web reputation and category information through lookups on McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence™ (McAfee GTI) that are performed using your own cloud service, which is also referred to as private cloud.

The cloud service runs on-premise in your local network, where you configure and maintain it, using a local database. To perform web reputation and category lookups for URL filtering, the cloud service connects to a GTI server over a connection that is secured under HTTPS.

Retrieving user group lists from an Azure AD

Lists of user groups can be retrieved from an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for authentication when a web security policy is enforced for cloud users. The rules for this policy are created on Web Gateway and enabled for use in the cloud, which means they also apply to McAfee® Web Gateway Cloud Service (McAfee® WGCS).

To retrieve information from an Azure AD, you must configure options for communication between this directory and Web Gateway.

Installing Web Gateway on an Azure platform

You can install Web Gateway as a virtual appliance using a Microsoft Windows 2016 server on Azure as a platform. The server takes the role of a Hyper-V virtual machine, on which Web Gateway is run.

Sorting IP addresses received in response to DNS queries

When multiple IP addresses are received in response to querying a DNS server, the addresses are sorted and tried in the resulting order for setting up a connection.

The sorting uses several parameters that are related to IP addresses and their role in connection setup, for example, the time consumed during former connection setups over a given IP address.

New library version supporting more HSM appliance models

The new 12.40 version of the nfast libraries is shipped with Web Gateway, which supports XC-based Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances and also older HSM appliance models that are not XC-based.

These appliances are run with Web Gateway to provide a hardware-based method of protecting certificate keys.

New streaming media type supported by the Stream Detector

The Stream Detector, which is the module on Web Gateway that recognizes incoming or outgoing media as streaming media, is now also capable of recognizing HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming) as streaming media.

Improvements for the Composite Opener

The following improvements have been implemented for the Composite Opener, which is the module on Web Gateway that opens compressed and archived files to make them accessible to filtering measures:

  • The RTF and EML file formats have been added to the list of supported formats.
  • Inline images embedded in PDF files can be extracted faster.

More flexibility in cluster administration

Two more interfaces can be used for completing key tasks in cluster administration, such as joining appliances as nodes to the cluster and updating the cluster CA:

  • Command line interface (CLI)
  • REST interface

Installation improvements

Installing Web Gateway is made more user-friendly and secure through these improvements:

  • When the mwg-switch-repo command is used in the upgrade procedure for controlled releases, URLs to the repositories where the product binaries reside are by default secured under HTTPS.
  • When installing an appliance in FIPS mode with DHCP, the IP address of the appliance is shown again on the monitor that is used for the installation.
  • Message text appearing on the monitor during product upgrades can be hidden or displayed using a toggle button.
  • The same message text is not displayed repeatedly as time progresses, but only once during a particular phase of the upgrade process.

URL filtering performance improved

Performance in URL filtering has been improved especially regarding the handling of large lists that included the URL.SmartMatch and URL.Host.BelongsToDomains properties.

Maximum size for syslog messages made configurable

When audit log data is sent to syslog, the maximum message size can be set to different values.

Connection tracing improved

In addition to performing connection tracing based on IP addresses of clients that are physically connected to your local network, tracing can use IP addressed that are forwarded in the Proxy-Protocol header.