Using your own URL filter database

URL filtering can be performed using information that is retrieved from a database of your own.

URL filtering on a Web Gateway appliance uses information about the categories that URLs fall into and the web reputation scores that are assigned to them. This information is retrieved from the local URL filter database, the Global Threat Intelligence system, or the Dynamic Content Classifier, depending on how the settings of the module for URL filtering are configured.

The information in the local database is the result of storing categories and web reputation scores there after they have been determined for particular URLs by the Global Threat Intelligence system. When a lookup in the local database yields no results, the other two information sources can additionally be used.

Instead of the local database, you can use a database of your own, containing information on URL categories and web reputation scores. To replace the local database, you need to specify the URL of the server that your database resides on when configuring the Central Management settings.

You can use your own database as the source that is searched first to retrieve URL filtering information, but also disable the other two sources and restrict the filtering process to using the information stored in your database.