Authorized override

You can configure session time for a session that allows authorized overriding.

When this session time has elapsed, a user request is blocked and a block message is displayed. The message also asks for submission of a user name and password to start a new session.

These credentials must be those of an authorized user. For example, in a classroom situation, a user who gets blocked after termination of an authorized override session could be a student, while the teacher is the authorized user.

Authentication of this user is performed according to the configured authentication method. However, when configuring this method, you cannot let it include an integrated authentication mode.

The block message also provides an option to specify the time length of the authorized override session for the user who was blocked.

The time length that is configured for this user should not exceed the time length configured for all other users as part of the module settings for authorized overriding.

You can configure authorized overriding in relation to the parameters used in the library rule set, such as URL categories, IP addresses, and user names. You can also create rules of your own using other parameters.