Upgrade from a system console

When upgrading to a new version from a system console, you can work with a local system console or remotely using SSH.

When working with SSH, consider using a terminal multiplexer to ensure that the upgrade will not fail due to an unstable or broken SSH connection.

You can use the tmux multiplexer that Web Gateway has installed.


  1. Log on to the appliance where you want to perform the upgrade.
  2. Run the following commands:

    yum upgrade yum

    yum upgrade

    When the upgrade is complete, a message informs you about the completion.

    If you are running Web Gateway as an appliance on a virtual machine, a warning also appears on the host system where you created the virtual machine. You are warned that an operating system is being used that is not recommended.

    To optimize the operation of the virtual machine, adapt its settings by configuring the recommended operating system, which is CentOS, 64 bit, version 7.

  3. To perform the restart of the appliance that is required, run this command:



When the restart is complete, a logon prompt appears. You can now log on to the Web Gateway interface and start working with the new version.