Upgrade from the interface

To upgrade to a new version from the Web Gateway interface, select an appliance and perform the upgrade, then restart the appliance.


  1. Select ConfigurationAppliances.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance where you want to perform the upgrade.
    The appliance toolbar appears on the upper right of the tab.
  3. Click Update Appliance Software.

    The upgrade starts, and you are logged off from the interface.

    When the upgrade is complete, a message informs you about the completion.

    If you are running Web Gateway as an appliance on a virtual machine, a warning also appears on the host system where you created the virtual machine. You are warned that an operating system is being used that is not recommended.

    To optimize the operation of the virtual machine, adapt its settings by configuring the recommended operating system, which is CentOS, 64 bit, version 7.

  4. To perform the restart of the appliance that is required:
    1. Log on to the interface again.
    2. Select ConfigurationAppliances, then select your appliance.
    3. On the appliance toolbar, click Reboot.


When the restart is complete, you can again log on to the interface and start working with the new version.