Memory upgrade

When running Web Gateway on an older appliance model (A, B, or E in the model short code), make sure that sufficient memory (RAM) size is available. We recommend a size of at least 8 GB. You can install additional memory modules to upgrade.

The appliances of the model C series already meet the current memory recommendations.

When upgrading memory on any appliance model, it is important that you only install the appropriate modules for Intel-based or Dell-based appliances, depending an what model you are using.

Note: Memory upgrades that follow McAfee recommendations do not void the hardware warranty.

Memory modules for model B appliances (Intel-based)

To obtain memory modules for appliances of the model B series, contact your McAfee sales person.

These modules are (like the appliances) identified by an SKU code. The following table shows which modules are recommended for the various model B appliances.

Memory recommendations
Appliance model Intel server model Recommended memory size (in GB) Memory module (SKU code)
WBG-4000-B SR1530SH 8 WBG-4000-MEM
WBG-4500-B SR1630GPRX 8 WBG-4500-MEM
WBG-5000-B SR1625URSAS 24 WBG-5x00-MEM
WBG-5500-B SR2625URLXRNA 24 WBG-5x00-MEM
Note: For the latest updates of these recommendations, see this article at the McAfee Knowledge Center: KB82852.

Memory modules for Dell-based appliances

Memory modules for Dell-based appliances can be obtained from the online store at the Dell website. This website also provides information on how to install the modules.

We recommend a memory upgrade for the following Web Gateway (Dell) appliance models:

  • WW1100E (Dell PowerEdge R200)
  • WW1900E (Dell PowerEdge 1950)
  • WW2900E (Dell PowerEdge 2950)
  • WBG-5000-A (Dell PowerEdge R610)
  • WBG-5500-A (Dell PowerEdge R710)