Purchase Dell memory modules

You can purchase memory modules for a Dell-based appliance model from the online store at the Dell website.

Note: The Dell website is subject to change and has a different look in different countries. The following procedure applies to the current US website.


  1. Go to the Dell website at http://www.dell.com.
  2. From the top-level menu bar on the home page, select For WorkServers, Storage & Networking.
  3. Under Other Ways to Shop, select Parts for Your DellParts for Your Enterprise SystemPowerEdge Servers.
  4. From the list of servers, select the model that you want to purchase memory modules for, for example, PowerEdge 1950 (= WW1900E).
  5. On the server page, expand Memory Upgrades for Your <server name> and review the modules that are offered.
  6. Complete the purchasing procedure in the usual way.