Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues.

Bugzilla numbers are provided in parentheses.


  • When users were authenticated under LDAP on Web Gateway, conflicting settings regarding the use of the secure and non-secure LDAP protocols caused a failure when initializing the OpenLDAP library. (1257748)
  • When the Authentication.AddMethod event had been added to a rule for the authentication process on Web Gateway, the instance of the authentication filter that was required could not be created, which was logged as an error. (1257801)

Web filtering and logging

  • The nfast libraries shipped with Web Gateway did not work with the XC series of the HSM (Hardware Security Module) appliances, which are run with Web Gateway to protect private certificate keys. (1187595)
  • When a request for scanning an archive for malware was processed on Web Gateway, no archive subelement name was available, which was logged as an error. (1251504)
  • Logging numbers for the BytesToServer property failed to count the sending of initial bytes, so nothing was entered in the log even after a number of bytes had already been sent. (1258635)


  • Web Gateway was affected by a vulnerability that created a risk when using Java, which the product interface does. After a fix has been implemented Web Gateway is not affected anymore. (1258088)


  • Changes made to system files using the File Editor on the Web Gateway interface could not be saved due to problems with German umlauts and other special characters. (1258103)
  • The Log File Manager on Web Gateway terminated unexpectedly due to a problem that was caused by a missing character set. (1259568)