About this release

This document contains important information about the current release. We recommend that you read the whole document.

McAfee® Web Gateway is provided as a main release. It resolves issues present in previous releases.

New appliance hardware

The WBG-5000-E and WBG-5500-E models of the appliance hardware are available as platforms for running Web Gateway as a physical appliance. The new models are shipped with version 8.2.8 of the Web Gateway appliance software preinstalled.

Documentation is provided for these new models explaining their port assignments and several hardware-related tasks, for example, adding fiber NICs.

For more information, see the McAfee 10.0.x Hardware Guide.

Hardware firmware upgrade

If you are using a Thales hardware component for running a Hardware Security Module (HSM) with Web Gateway, make sure that you are also using the appropriate firmware.

The Web Gateway repository provides nfast-driver version 12.40 for running the Thales HSM component.

If your monitor and module firmware does not support this driver version, you must obtain the required firmware version from Thales and perform a firmware upgrade before upgrading to a new Web Gateway version.

For more information about running a Hardware Security Module (HSM) with Web Gateway, see the McAfee 10.0.x Product Guide.