Resolved issues

This update release resolves these issues.

JIRA issue numbers are in parentheses.

Network communication

  • After enforcing a connection close on an SSL-secured connection, the server provided a different SSL certificate when reopening the connection. It appeared then that no value had been assigned to the Command.Name property. (WP-2369)

Web filtering and logging

  • When feedback was collected on Web Gateway, the feedback file did not include log files with a .log file name extension. (WP-2157)
  • When DLP filtering was applied to web traffic going on under ICAP, an ICAP client error occurred due to processing a file with embedded objects that had been sent in response to a download request, but still using a REQMOD request to forward the file. (WP-2266)


  • After restarting Web Gateway, the ifb0 interface was not active, which prevented bandwidth control from retrieving values for the Bandwidth.FromClient and Bandwidth.FromServer events. (WP-2406)