Configure a key rule element

Configure a key element of a web security rule.

Note: This task is a sample task that shows how to complete this configuration procedure.

A URL is entered into a URL whitelist. This whitelist is a key element of a rule in the default URL Filtering rule set.

When a request for access to a web object is received on Web Gateway, the rule lets the request skip URL filtering if the URL that is submitted with the request is on the whitelist. This reduces filtering effort and time for requests to access "allowed" web objects.

The URL entry in the sample is*. Due to the wildcard element (*), all requests with URLs that match this entry, for example,, will skip URL filtering.


  1. Select PolicyRule Sets.
  2. On the rule sets tree, select the URL Filtering rule set.
    Key elements of the rules in this rule set appear in the configuration pane.
  3. Under Basic Filtering, click Edit next to URL Whitelist.
    The Edit List window opens.
  4. Enter a URL into the whitelist.
    1. Under List content, click the Add icon.
      The Add Wildcard Expression window opens.
    2. In the Wildcard Expression field, type*.
    3. Click OK.
      The Add Wildcard Expression window closes, and the URL appears in the list of the Edit List window.
  5. Click OK.
    The Edit List window closes.
  6. Click Save Changes.