Process Common Tasks rule set

This rule set processes common SSO tasks and blocks access to SSO resources that do not exist.

Nested library rule set – Block Management Requests
Criteria – Always
Cycles – Requests (and IM)

This rule set contains the following rules.

Process common tasks

Rule element Definition
Criteria SSO.ProcessTask<Default> equals true
Action Stop Cycle
Events None

This rule processes common SSO tasks, such as credential management.

Block invalid or unhandled management requests

Rule element Definition
Criteria Always
Action Block<File Not Found>
Events HTTP.SetStatus (404)

This rule blocks access to a requested resource, when the resource does not exist, and is executed with the following settings:

<File Not Found> — Specifies the language and template settings used to generate the block message for the user.

The Single Sign On module sets the HTTP status code to 404 (Not Found).