HTTPS Handling rule set

This rule set secures SSO communication between users and the launchpad with the HTTPS protocol.

Nested library rule set – HTTPS Handling
Cycles – Requests (and IM)

This rule set contains the following rules.

Enable SSL

Rule element Definition
Criteria Command.Name equals "CONNECT"
Action Stop Cycle
Events Enable SSL Client Context without CA <Launchpad certificate>

Enable SSL Scanner <Enable Content Inspection>

If an SSO connection is required, this rule stops the request cycle. The Single Sign On module provides an SSL certificate and enables content inspection.

The module executes the events with the following settings:

  • <Launchpad certificate> — Specifies the SSL certificate and settings. This certificate can be the default or one that you import.
  • <Enable Content Inspection> — Specifies the settings that enable content inspection by the SSL Scanner module.

Enforce SSL

Rule element Definition
Criteria Connection.Protocol equals "HTTP"
Action Redirect<Default>
Events Set URL.Protocol = "https"

Set Redirect.URL = URL

If the connection protocol is HTTP, the Single Sign On module sets the SSO protocol to "https" and the SSO request is redirected to the requested URL.

The rule executes the redirect action with the following settings:

<Default> — Specifies settings for connecting to the SSO service provided by Web Gateway.