SSO Stop Logging rule set

The SSO Stop Logging rule set stops the logging cycle after internal SSO requests are logged to the SSO access log and before they can be logged to the general access log.

Nested library rule set – Stop Logging
Criteria – Always
Cycles – Requests (and IM), Responses, Embedded Objects

This rule set contains one rule.

Avoid additional logging of internal SSO requests

Rule element Definition
Criteria JSON.AsBool (JSON.GetByName (SSO.LogAttributes, "outward")) equals false
Action Stop Cycle
Events None

If the SSO request is handled by Web Gateway internally, this rule stops the current cycle of the SSO Log rule set. This action prevents internal SSO requests from being logged to the general access log.

Note: For this rule to be effective, you must add the SSO Log rule set to the Log Handler tree above the Default logging rule set.