Single Sign On rule set

Using the nested rule sets that come with the Single Sign On rule set, you can configure SSO access to cloud services and applications for users in your organization.

Library rule set – Single Sign On
Cycles – Requests (and IM), Responses

The Single Sign On rule set contains the following nested rule sets:

  • Select Services
  • SSO Management
    • HTTPS Handling
    • Launchpad
    • OTP Authentication
    • Get Login Action
      • Get Attributes on Premise
      • Get Attributes in the Cloud
      • Perform SAML SSO
      • Perform IceToken SSO
    • Process Common Tasks
  • Perform SSO

The rule sets nested in the SSO Management rule set are executed when the SSO.IsManagementRequest property returns a true value. This property is set to true in response to internal and external SSO requests, as follows:

  • Internal SSO requests — The SSO.Action property returns a string value corresponding to an internal SSO request action.
  • External SSO requests — An external SSO request is sent to the Web Gateway SSO service URL.

The rule sets nested in the Get Login Action rule set fetch user information and perform single sign-on to SAML cloud services and applications.