Perform SSO rule set

This rule set allows the user to log on to an HTTP cloud service or application when single sign-on is implemented in proxy (inline) mode.

Nested library rule set – Perform SSO
Criteria – Always
Cycles – Requests (and IM), Responses

This rule set contains the following rule.

Process form login

Rule element Definition
Criteria Always
Action Continue
Events SSO.ProcessFormLogin<Default>

The Single Sign On module processes the logon form that users complete to access HTTP cloud services or applications in proxy (inline) mode. The execution of the event depends on the step in the logon process, as follows:

  • The user requests the logon form — The event adds JavaScript to the logon page, enabling single sign-on to dynamic HTTP cloud services, and replaces the real password with a password token.
  • The user submits the logon form — The event replaces the password token with the real password.

The SSO module executes this event with the following settings:

<Default> - Specifies settings for connecting to the SSO service provided by Web Gateway.