Supporting configuration functions

The user interface provides several functions to support your configuration activities.

Table 1: Supporting administration functions
Option Definition
Yellow triangle

Appears attached to the name of a list that is still empty and needs to be filled by you.

Some filter lists are created, but not filled by the policy configuration wizard because they are too sensitive.

Yellow text insert Appears when you move your mouse pointer over an item on the user interface providing information on the meaning and usage of the item.
OK icon Appears in a window when the input you entered is valid.
False icon Appears in a window when the input you entered is invalid.
Message text Appears with the False icon, providing information on your invalid input.
Light red color of input field Indicates an invalid entry.
Save Changes

The button turns red when you change an item.

It turns gray again when you have saved your changes.

Red triangle

Appears attached to tabs, icons, and list entries when you have changed an item and not yet saved.

For example, when you have changed a rule, the red triangle appears:

  • In the row of the rule entry on the settings pane
  • On the rule set icon
  • On the projection of the Rule Sets tab
  • On the Policy icon of the top-level menu bar