HTTPS Scanning rule set

The HTTPS Scanning rule set is the default rule set for HTTPS scanning. This scanning mode is also known as SSL scanning.

Note: After the initial setup of Web Gateway, this rule set is part of the default rule set system. It is, however, not enabled by default.

When working with this rule set, you can use different views:

  • Key elements view — Allows you to configure key elements of the rules in this rule set.

    Key elements are those parts of the rules that you will most likely want to work with when configuring your policy for a particular field of web security. You can also enable or disable some rules in this view.

  • Complete rules view — Allows you to view all rules in this rule set and to configure all their elements, including the key elements.

    You can also enable or disable, move, copy, or delete any of the existing rules, as well as create new rules in this view.