URL Filtering rule set

The URL Filtering rule set is the default rule set for URL filtering.

When working with this rule set, you can use different views:

  • Key elements view — Allows you to configure key elements of the rules in this rule set.

    Key elements are those parts of the rules that you will most likely want to work with when configuring your policy for a particular field of web security. You can also enable or disable some rules in this view.

  • Complete rules view — Allows you to view all rules in the rule set and to configure all their elements, including the key elements.

    You can also enable or disable, move, copy, or delete any of the existing rules, as well as create new rules in this view.

General rule

The URL Filtering rule set includes a general rule and two nested rule sets for performing different kinds of URL filtering.

The general rule is by default processed before the work flow continues with the nested rule sets.

Set policy-filtered flag
Criteria Action Event
Always –> Continue Set User-Defined.alreadyFiltered = false

The rule uses an event to set a user-defined property for indicating whether the URL filtering rules were already processed for a given request to false.

The property serves as a flag, which is checked at the beginning of each of the two nested rule sets. When the first nested rule set is processed, a rule in this rule set the flag to true.

When processing of the first rule set is completed or the rule set was not processed because its criteria was not matched, the value of the flag is checked in the criteria of the second rule set.

If the value of the flag is true, the second rule set is not processed, as URL filtering has already been performed under the rules of the first rule set. Otherwise, the second rule set is processed.

Nested rule sets

The following nested rule sets are by default included in the URL Filtering rule set:

  • Special URL Filtering Group rule set — Allows you to specify particular users, user groups, and ranges of IP addresses that URL filtering is performed for.
  • Default rule set — Lets you perform URL filtering for all users, user groups, and IP addresses.

The key elements view and the complete rules view are both available for each of these nested rule sets.