SSO Catalog reference

The SSO Catalog reference is a list of all supported cloud applications and services, including information about the type of connector provided: fully configured connectors (predefined connectors) or connector templates that you can select and fully configure (custom connectors).

The reference is published each time there is a major Web Gateway release and provides a snapshot of the SSO Catalog. The reference includes all predefined connectors and connector templates. It does not include custom connectors, which do not exist until they are configured from a connector template.

Like the user interface, the reference lists predefined connectors and connector templates by the name of the cloud application or service they support, as follows.

  • Predefined connectors — The name in the reference corresponds to the Name column in the user interface.
    Note: To view the list of predefined connectors, go to PolicyListsSystem ListsSSO CatalogPredefined connectors.
  • Custom connectors — The name in the reference corresponds to the name of the template in the drop-down list in the user interface.
    Note: To view the drop-down list of connector templates, go to PolicyListsSystem ListsSSO CatalogCustom connectors, then click the Add icon.

For each cloud application or service, the reference lists its name as shown in the user interface and the method it uses to authenticate end users (HTTP or SAML 2.0). The reference also lists the type of connector (predefined or custom) and any notes about the connector's status.

Connector status includes the following types of information:

  • Broken connectors, for which no resolution is planned, have the status No longer supported.
  • Renamed cloud applications and services are listed by their new and former names.
  • Cloud applications and services, whose connector type changes, are noted. For example, occasionally, a custom connector is replaced by a predefined connector in the SSO Catalog.