Work with system and network tools

You can work with several system and network tools to troubleshoot problems on an appliance.


  1. Select the Troubleshooting top-level menu.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance you want to use a tool on and click System Tools or Network Tools.

    The available system tools are:

    • service restart
    • AV threads

    The available network tools are:

    • ping and ping6

    • nslookup
    • traceroute and traceroute6

    • ipneigh
    • ntp
  3. In the Command line parameters field, type the parameters for a command that can be executed by a particular tool.
    For example, type the name of a host you want to connect to using the ping network tool.
  4. Click the button for the tool that you want to use.

    The corresponding command is executed and the resulting output displayed under Results.

    The following could, for example, be displayed:

    Ping: Unknown host testhost

    Note: To export the results to a location within your file system, click Export and specify the location in the window that opens.