Verify the requirements

Before you set up Web Gateway as a physical or virtual appliance, make sure that you have available what is needed.

Requirements for setting up a physical appliance

To set up a physical appliance, the following is required:

  • Items that were shipped to you:
    • Hardware platform (models vary) with appliance software

      Note: The recommended minimum memory size on a hardware platform is 8 GB. If you are using an older model with less than this size, you can upgrade. See Memory upgrade.
    • Power cord
    • Network cables
    • USB-PS/2 adapter cable (if you use a PS/2 keyboard for the initial configuration)
    Note: Installation media (CD/DVD and USB drive) with the appliance software were also shipped to you. They are not required for the setup, but you can use them for re-imaging the appliance.
  • Items that you must provide:
    • Standard VGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard

      or serial system console

    • Administration system with:
      • Windows or Linux operating system
      • Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.7, also referred to as Java 7, or later

        JRE is required for running the user interface.


        Web Gateway 7.5.1 is the last main version to support JRE 1.6 (Java 6). Beginning with version 7.5.2, Web Gateway, requires JRE 1.7 or 1.8 (Java 7 or 8).

        As support for Java 7 will also terminate soon, we encourage you to start using Java 8 if you are not using it already.

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or later

        or Mozilla Firefox, version 2.0 or later

    • Network cables for the administration system

Requirements for setting up a virtual appliance

To set up a virtual appliance, the following is required:

  • One of the following VMware types:

    • VMware ESX
    • VMware ESXi

    The following table shows the versions of the two VMware types that are recommended for use with particular versions of Web Gateway. VMware versions that are not recommended can still be run, however, with Web Gateway.

    Table 1: Recommended VMware versions
    ESX/ESXi 4.1 ESX/ESXi 5.0

    ESX/ESXi 5.5

    update 2

    ESX/ESXi 6.0
    MWG 7.4.x Not recommended Not recommended Recommended Not recommended
    MWG 7.5.x Not recommended Recommended Recommended Not recommended
    MWG 7.6.x Not recommended Not recommended Recommended Recommended
  • Virtual machine host system with the following specifications:
    • CPU — 64-bit capable
    • Virtualization extension — VT-x/AMD-V
  • Virtual machine with the specifications shown in the following table.

    Note: Specifications differ depending on what you are using a virtual appliance for.
    Table 2: Specifications for a virtual machine
    Use Memory (RAM in GB) Hard disk space (in GB) CPU cores
    Functional testing (one user) or Central Management console (no traffic) 4 80 2
    Production (minimum) 16 200 4
    Production (recommended) 32 500 at least 4