Implement your own initial configuration settings

To implement your own initial configuration settings, follow the instructions of the wizard.


  1. In the wizard windows, configure the following:
    • Primary network interface
    • IP address, entered manually or configured dynamically by DHCP

      Note: If you plan to configure the explicit proxy mode with High Availability functions (Proxy HA) mode later on, we strongly recommend not to enter a virtual IP address here.
    • Network mask (only after entering the IP address manually)
    • Default gateway (only after entering the IP address manually)
    • Host name
    • DNS server (only after entering the IP address manually)

  2. Review the summary that is displayed after configuring the first settings.
    • If you approve of the summary, confirm and configure the remaining settings:

      • Root password
      • Remote root logon with SSH

      The installation is completed with your initial configuration settings and the IP address is displayed.

      You can now log on to the user interface.

    • If you need to make changes, click Cancel and return to step 1.


When the initial configuration settings are implemented, the appliance restarts and the appliance volume wizard appears to let you resize the volume of the web cache.

For more information, refer to the System configuration chapter of the McAfee Web Gateway Product Guide.

After completing the initial configuration, with or without resizing the web cache, you can log on to the user interface.