High-level steps for setting up a virtual appliance with Hyper-V

To set up a virtual appliance using the Hyper-V server role, complete the following high-level steps.


  1. Install a suitable Microsoft Windows server product on the system that you want to run Web Gateway on.
  2. Set up Hyper-V as a server role.
  3. Complete the following using the Hyper-V manager.
    1. Set up Web Gateway as a virtual appliance.
      Note: When configuring the virtual appliance settings, make sure that dynamic memory is disabled, as this feature is not supported on Web Gateway.
    2. Create a virtual network for the appliance.
  4. Configure a static MAC address for the virtual appliance.


For more detailed information about how to complete these high-level steps. see the Microsoft Windows documentation on Hyper-V and this Knowledge Center article: KB85837.