Upgrade AWS components

This chapter provides information for upgrade of AWS components and the versions supported for upgrade.

The AWS components must be upgraded in the following sequence to avoid communication breakdown between the components. Note that there is no packet drop during the upgrade of any AWS component. McAfee recommends you to follow the sequence mentioned during the upgrade for AWS components:

  1. Network Security Manager
  2. vNSP Controller (Virtual Probe is upgraded along with the Controller)
  3. Virtual IPS Sensor (procedure mentioned in Upgrade of Virtual IPS Sensors)
Following are few points for consideration before upgrade:
  • All the AWS components have to be upgraded to the correct, supported release version for the solution to work seamlessly.
  • During upgrade of any of the component, you cannot do a configuration update but the attack detection takes place without any interruption.
  • The 9.1 Network Security Manager supports a heterogeneous environment for Virtual IPS Sensors. This implies that a 9.1 Manager can manage both, a 9.1 Virtual IPS Sensor and an 8.3 Virtual IPS Sensor.
  • Only the following combination of Network Security Manager, vNSP Controller, and the Virtual Probe are supported for their respective releases:
    Network Security Manager vNSP Controller Virtual Probe
    8.4 3.5.3 3.5.3
    9.1 3.6.1 3.6.1