IPS for virtual networks using Intel Security Controller

If your Manager version is later than, you can integrate McAfee® Network Security Platform with Intel Security Controller to provide next-generation IPS service for software-defined datacenters (SDDC).

This section provides the following information:

  • An overview of Intel Security Controller and how it collaborates with McAfee Network Security Platform and NSX to provide IPS service to SDDCs.
  • Detailed procedures to deploy next-generation IPS for virtual networks using Intel Security Controller.

    To deploy IPS service to SDDCs, you configure Intel Security Controller, Manager, and NSX. To configure NSX, you need vCenter web client.

This section assumes the following:

  • You have installed and set up Intel Security Controller virtual appliance. For information, see the latest Open Security Controller Product Guide.
  • For information on installing and configuring VMware NSX, refer to VMware documentation.
  • For information on installing and configuring the virtual infrastructure, refer to the corresponding documentation. For example, for VMware virtual infrastructure, refer to VMware documentation.
    Note: Limited information on how to set up and configure a VMware-based SDDC is provided in Intel Security Controller Product Guide. However, this information is designed only for setting up test environments. For production environments and details of VMware functionalities, you must refer to VMware documentation.