Security in virtual environments

Virtualization has begun to play a huge role in the IT infrastructure and scalability of an organization's business. Virtualization is the technology that separates the physical infrastructure to create dedicated resources. It separates compute environments from the actual physical hardware thereby allowing servers, workstations, storage, and other systems to be independent of the hardware layer.

Virtualized environments provide organizations with an opportunity to transform their business models and gain a competitive edge. These environments are generally the most cost-effective solutions compared to conventional on-premise environments both in the short and the long term. Measurable benefits such as lower costs, greater agility, and better resource utilization have spurred initial adoption.

McAfee Network Security Platform is a full featured next-generation IPS solution ready for the unique demands of virtualized environments. It is an intelligent security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network with unmatched speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Network Security Platform delivers best-in-class enterprise security against sophisticated attacks on virtual infrastructures. You can deploy the Virtual IPS Sensor to monitor both east-west and north-south traffic or as a service that is orchestrated across a software defined data center.