What's new in update 3.0.1

This release updates platform support.

Important: We do not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version (POC or test builds). To upgrade to a production release of the software, uninstall the existing version first.
Note: For the latest information about supported platforms, environments, and operating systems, see KB83368.

Every update release is cumulative and includes all features and fixes from the previous release. We recommend that you always upgrade to the most current update.

Release details

Release build — Threat Intelligence Exchange

TIE Server and TIE Server Management Extension —

The TIE Server Appliance also includes the following products:

  • McAfee Agent —
  • McAfee Data Exchange Layer Broker —
  • McAfee Active Response Server —

Updated platform support

This release upgrades the following components and libraries:

  • Updated McAfee Agent for MLOS to 5.6.5
  • Updated Linux kernel to 4.9.227-1 and Intel Microcode to 20200609