Managing TIE server database

Manage your database size with data retention policies for avoiding service degradation during database growth.

This server task in McAfee ePO checks the database size and compares it with a size threshold. If the database exceeds the threshold, the cleanup is executed.

Note: You can run the task as needed and configure the frequency from McAfee ePO on the Server Tasks page.

The task cleans the database of files that are old enough to keep the database under the configured file count. By default, the task is executed every day at 12.30 a.m. midnight for keeping the size of the database within 15 GB.

The file selection criteria determines that files without an Enterprise reputation (or a reputation override) are candidates for a purge, to avoid removing locally generated Threat Intelligence.

For details about TIE server database maintenance server task runs weekly, see Maintain TIE server database.