Considerations before upgrading to TIE server 3.0.0

Upgrading to TIE server 3.0.0 includes full database replication and high network utilization.

Important: The upgrade process to TIE server 3.0.0 forces a full database replication from the primary server to every Secondary and Reporting Secondary server of the topology. You can expect high network usage during the Secondary servers upgrade. The database upgrade can take several minutes depending on the database size and bandwidth conditions.

TIE Ecosystem

Considerations for the TIE Ecosystem are:

  • The endpoint reputation cache is rebuilt when upgrading the components. McAfee recommends you perform incremental upgrades to minimize the impact on the TIE server capacity.
  • Upgrade the TIE client and the DXL Client in the endpoints first, then upgrade the DXL broker appliance. For more information about upgrading these products, see the release notes for those products.

TIE server upgrade

Considerations for the TIE server upgrade are:

  • Make sure that the build numbers of the TIE server management extension, TIE platform, and TIE server packages match.
  • You must upgrade the primary server first, then continue with all secondary servers. A secondary server fails if the primary server is still running an older version.
    Important: The Primary and Secondaries servers upgrade process must be performed as a single effort, ideally under the same upgrade task. The Primary and Secondaries upgrade process should be completed within a six hours window to avoid replication reset in the Secondary servers which might lead to unstable situations.
  • You can't upgrade the DXL client using a McAfee ePO deployment task on a TIE server system. You can only get an upgraded DXL client when installing a new TIE server.
  • The TIE server help extension build version is expected to be different from the other components because it is built separately.


Considerations for the DXL are:

  • If you plan to upgrade the DXL Brokers in your fabric, or if you plan to deploy new appliances with bundled TIE server and DXL Broker from an ISO file or OVF images, first upgrade all DXL extensions in McAfee ePO.
  • For troubleshooting DXL Broker upgrades or installation, see the product documentation for DXL. The DXL platform package is not intended for the TIE appliance and isn't compatible with the TIE appliance.

McAfee Agent for MLOS

Considerations for McAfee Agent for MLOS are:

  • If you upgrade TIE to 3.0.0 version, the McAfee Agent for MLOS is upgraded after you upgrade the server appliance.
  • Do not install the McAfee Agent for Linux because it is not compatible.

Note: The task for upgrading the McAfee Agent for MLOS runs at 12 a.m. on the same day you upgrade the appliance. If you can't complete the McAfee Agent upgrade after that period, you can upgrade it manually. For more information, see the Troubleshooting section.