Resolved issues

These issues are resolved in this release of the product.

Server extension

The Remove Override action is not available for files that do not have an overridden reputation setting. It is available only for those files whose reputations were overridden. (1207633)

Errors no longer display when running the reconfig-cert script. (1192947)

Temporary files are deleted from /data/tieserver/tmp when a submission to McAfee Cloud Threat Detection fails. (1213536)

TIE receives Advanced Threat Defense reputation reports for a file regardless if TIE has seen the file before. (1198462)

On the Health Check page, the link opens the correct page. (1193659)

When creating custom policies, the Enabled File Types values are set and retained after upgrade. (1202894)

In queries, the file size displays correctly. (1209005)

A new DXL topic authorization group called TIE Server Reporting Operations has been created. Search topics, file and certificate search, and get info are now restricted to McAfee ePO (to send). This could have an impact to OpenDXL integrations. (1215861)


For the latest TIE server security information, see Security Bulletin SB10209.

The TIE Server service no longer fails to start if there are several thousand elements in the /data/tieserver/tmp folder. (1213490)

There is improved recognition of file hashes in STIX documents - inner hashes are now identified during import. (1201043)


TIE now uses a newer PostgreSQL version that has increased security. (1202442)

The TIE server now uses stronger Diffie-Hellman groups in PostgreSQL. (1155744)

Stronger protocol and cipher suites are negotiated in the connection between TIE server and GTI. (1152330)

The Java service used with TIE is now reported as a network daemon managed by the package system. (1188251)

The TIE server now uses a more secure version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). (1217311)