New features

This release includes these major features that enhance security for your Exchange server.

Feature Description
Rescanning of files On-Access Scan now includes resubmitting files option to submit files that are missed due to scan failures.
URL Reputation Score to Email Headers You can now select single file type or multiple file types for TIE Reputation check.
File Filtering Rules for password-protected files You can now separately apply File Filtering Rules for both password-protected files and non password-protected files.
Filtering file types when enabling TIE You now have an added filter to select the different file types when enabling TIE. Filtering file types when enabling TIE allows you to either select a single file type or select multiple files for TIE Reputation check.
Forward Quarantine When forwarding a quarantined email, you can now include the original sender and recipient address.
Update URL DB from the interface You can now update the URL Database manually anytime from the interface.
URL cache database version Once the URL DB is updated incrementally, the Database version is now displayed in the UI.
Enhancement of on-demand scan scheduler This release enhances the granular on-demand scan interface options to select Weeks and Months, which auto populates the date range. Use this feature to view the items scanned for past n number of weeks or months.
New rule name for blocked emails A new rule is added to the URL detected items for emails getting blocked due to the upper threshold. The new rule URL count limit exceeded shows the emails getting blocked due to the upper threshold.
Support for RAR5 files This release supports scanning of RAR5 compressed files.
Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 This release supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.