Settings and diagnostics

Settings & Diagnostics has menus for MSME feature enablement and disablement, feature configuration, feature administration and logs. Configure these settings based on your organization's security policies.

To modify or view MSME product settings, from the product's user interface, click Settings & Diagnostics. This table briefly explains when to configure these settings:

Table 1: Settings & Diagnostics
Use... To...
On-Access Settings
Note: The On-Access Settings are available only on Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 server. As Microsoft VSAPI support is removed from Microsoft Exchange 2013, the On-Access VSAPI and Background scan settings feature is disabled on Exchange 2013 server.
Define what to do with an email should a scan fail. The options are:
  • Allow Through
  • Remove

It also has submenus for enabling or disabling settings for:

  • Microsoft Virus Scanning API (VSAPI)
  • Background Scan Settings
  • Transport Scan Settings
On-Demand Settings Modify the password credential for the MSMEODUser and to synchronize the password update with the Active Directory and other exchange servers.
Mailbox Exclusion Settings Define which mailboxes, folders, or subfolders to exclude from On-Access VSAPI scanning.
  • Define an administrator email account to receive notifications or send notification emails to specific reviewers or DLs, when an email is detected.
  • Create customized notification emails that go out to users when an email is quarantined.
  • Define product health alerts that are emailed to the administrator on a daily basis or immediately when specific events occur, such as issues with the Postgres database or loading a service fails.
  • Define settings for junk email folder in which to forward a spam on an Edge Transport (Gateway) server.
  • Enable or disable McAfee GTI message reputation feature.
  • Enable or disable McAfee GTI IP reputation feature.
Detected Items Configure and manage quarantine repositories, using either:
  • McAfee Quarantine Manager — To configure communication settings between MSME and MQM server (if any).
  • Local Database — To manage and administer the local quarantine database activities such as purge and optimization.
User Interface Preferences Define settings in the Dashboard such as the refresh rate, report settings, unit scale of graphics, reporting interval, graph and chart settings.
Diagnostics Define settings for debug event and product logs, including information on how large the logs are and where they are stored. Diagnostics settings include:
  • Debug Logging
  • Event Logging
  • Product Log
  • Error Reporting Service
Product Log View the Product Log and filter the output by date, type or description.
DAT Settings Keep older DATs instead of over-writing with each update and define how many detection definition files to maintain.
Import and Export Configuration Set up your current MSME server with the same configurations as one already built, restore default or enhanced settings, or create SiteLists to point to DAT download sites.
Proxy Settings Configure or modify proxy settings for the McAfee Anti-Spam Rules Updater Service.
Note: If you modify any of these settings, make sure you click Apply to save the changes. The background color behind Apply, changes to:
  • Yellow — If you have changed the existing setting or the change is still not applied.
  • Green — If you have not changed the existing setting or the change is applied.