Policy Manager

Allows you to configure or manage different policies and corresponding actions in the product. Determine how different types of threats are treated when detected.

A policy is typically described as a principle or rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. Policies are adopted within an organization to help objective decision making.

In MSME, a policy specifies the settings that are used and the actions taken when a detection is triggered in the Exchange environment. You can create multiple policies and define specific settings and actions to particular policies. For example, you can create multiple subpolicies for the On-Access menu option and have a different setting and action set for each policy.

To simplify, an MSME policy = Scanner settings + Actions to take.

Note: Use the Shared Resource menu option under Policy Manager, to modify or create rules for scanner, filter, and alert settings from one common location. Use Shared Resource to save time in creating and applying MSME policies.

Steps to create a policy

As an administrator, to create a policy, you must:

  1. Enable the scanner or filter.
  2. Edit scanner or filter settings from the policy or Shared Resource.
  3. Specify an action to take when a detection is triggered.
  4. Specify users for whom this policy applies.
  5. Apply the settings for the required policy category.