SiteList Editor

SiteList specifies the location from where automatic updates (including DAT file and scanning engines) are downloaded.

Access SiteList Editor

  • From the Start menu, click ProgramsMcAfee Security for Microsoft ExchangeSiteList Editor.
Figure 1. Edit AutoUpdate Repository List

You can use these tabs:

  • Repositories — To configure repository settings from where MSME can download automatic updates.

    By default, MSME uses a sitelist that points to a McAfee site for automatic updates, but you can also create alternative sitelists that point to a different location. For example, you might have copied the automatic updates to a local repository and created a sitelist that points your MSME systems to that local repository.

  • Proxy settings — To configure the proxy server settings, so that MSME can connect to the Internet using this server, to download automatic updates.
Note: Settings applied in the SiteList Editor are saved in the SiteList.xml file under C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common FrameWork\ directory.