Here are answers to frequently asked questions on MSME installation.

How do I perform a silent installation?
Execute the Silent.bat file in the download package. For information on customization, see the Perform a silent installation.
Can I Install McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.5 using the account that is not a domain administrator?
You can install. For more information, see McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB82190.
What is the supported ePolicy Orchestrator version?
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6, 5.0, and 5.1.
What is the supported McAfee Agent version?
McAfee Agent 4.6 or later.
On which port does the MSME configuration replication works?
This service doesn't work on ports, but it keeps monitoring the folders that are set by administrator using replication user interface.
Do I have to consider anything special while upgrading to MSME 8.5 from MSME 7.6 or 8.0 in a CCR or DAG environment?
No considerations. Follow the standalone installation steps.