Installation and configuration

Select the option to install and use your MSME software, which best suits your requirements.

Installation type Description
Standalone Wizard-based When using the wizard-based setup file, select one of these options per your requirements:
  • Typical — Configured for all standard features except the McAfee Anti-Spam add-on. You can install the McAfee Anti-spam add-on separately at a later stage.
  • Complete — Configured for all standard features with the McAfee Anti-Spam add-on that provides protection against Spam or Phish attacks.
  • Custom — Configure using the advanced options to customize your setup.
Silent Install the software without any user interaction or prompts. Modify and run the Silent.bat file that allows you to record selections for the installation process.
ePolicy Orchestrator-managed Deploy MSME in ePolicy Orchestrator environment to allow centralized policy management and enforcement on your Microsoft Exchange Servers.
Note: You can also deploy MSME to a Microsoft Exchange Server cluster. This deployment requires certain post-installation configuration tasks.