Migrate policies from older versions

When you upgrade the software, migrate existing policies from older versions to MSME version 8.5.0.

Note: Ignore this task when you're performing a fresh installation.


  1. Browse to the folder containing the MSME_ePOUpgrade.zip (\MSMEv85_x64\ePO), then extract it.
    Note: Make sure that all files in the .zip are extracted to the same folder.
  2. Go to the command prompt, navigate to the folder where the .zip file is extracted, and run the MSMEePOUpgrade.exe command.
  3. Type the ePolicy Orchestrator database password, then press Enter.
  4. Type the ePolicy Orchestrator SQL named instance if created during the server installation, otherwise leave it blank. Then press Enter.
    The policy upgrade process starts. Wait for it to complete.


On successful completion, a confirmation message appears. See EPODebugTrace.txt in the current directory for log details. Press Enter to exit.
Note: For more information on the policy upgrade tool, see McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB76921Using the MSME ePO Upgrade tool.

What to do next

  • Verify that the policies are upgraded: In the ePolicy Orchestrator console, navigate to Policy Catalog, select the product as McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.5.0, then look for upgraded policies suffixed with (Upgraded). For example, My Default (Upgraded).
  • Assign the custom policies to the required systems, otherwise the McAfee default policies are enforced.