Deploy the MSME software to clients

Deploy MSME to Microsoft Exchange systems.

Before you begin

Migrate existing policies from older versions to MSME 8.5.

If you had installed the previously supported version of McAfee Anti-spam module separately earlier, make sure that you uninstall the McAfee Anti-spam module before upgrading the software. You can install the latest version of the McAfee Anti-spam after the upgrade.

MSME provides enhanced security by not supporting the HTML tags that have XSS vulnerability. McAfee recommends that you remove the HTML tags that have XSS vulnerability from the existing notification template before the upgrade. Otherwise, after the upgrade, if you try to modify the notification templates that contain unsupported tags, you will be prompted to remove the unsupported tags from the template or use the template without modification. For the list of unsupported HTML tags, see McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB82214.

Note: When you already have a previous version of the software, this task upgrades the software on all managed Microsoft Exchange systems that you select.


  1. Log on to the ePolicy Orchestrator server as an administrator.
  2. Click MenuSystemsSystem Tree, then select the required group or systems.
    Note: When upgrading the software, make sure that you select all required systems.
  3. Click the Assigned Client Tasks tab, then click ActionsNew Client Task Assignment. The Client Task Assignment Builder page appears.
  4. Define these options, then click Create New Task.
    1. For Product, select McAfee Agent
    2. Task Type, select Product Deployment.
  5. On the Client Task Catalog page, define these options:
    1. For Task Name, type a name for the task.
    2. Select Windows as a target platform.
    3. In Products and components, select McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (x64) - xxxxxxxx 8.5.0.xxxx, select Install as action, select the language, then click Save. The task is listed in the Task Name.
  6. Select the task, then click Next.
  7. Schedule the task to run immediately, then click Next to view a summary of the task.
  8. Review the summary of the task, then click Save.
  9. In the System Tree page, select the systems or groups where you assigned the task, then click Wake Up Agents.
  10. In the Wake Up McAfee Agent screen, select Force complete policy and task update, then click OK.


On successful execution of this task, the MSME client software is deployed to the selected systems. For more information on deploying the software, see McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB82484.