Rogue System Sensor status

Rogue System Sensor status measures how many of the sensors installed on your network are actively reporting to the McAfee ePO server, and is displayed in terms of health.

The software determines health by calculating the ratio of active sensors to missing sensors on your network.

Sensor states are:

  • Active Active sensors report information about their broadcast segment to the McAfee ePO server at regular intervals over a fixed time. You configure both the reporting period and the active period. All sensors on a subnet use a voting algorithm to determine which sensor is active and which are passive. The next sensor voted active on the subnet takes over communicating with the McAfee ePO server.
    Note: You can use the ePolicy Orchestrator Server Settings to configure multiple active sensors on a subnet.
  • Missing Missing sensors have not communicated with the McAfee ePO server in a user-configured time. These missing sensors can be on a system that has been turned off or removed from the network.
  • Passive Passive sensors check in with the McAfee ePO server, but don't report information about detected systems. They wait until they are voted active by the voting algorithm to communicate the state of the broadcast segment to the McAfee ePO server.