Protecting your networks with McAfee Rogue System Detection

Unprotected systems, known as rogue systems, are often the weak spot of any security strategy, creating entry points that viruses and other potentially harmful programs can use to access your network.

McAfee® Rogue System Detection provides near real-time discovery of rogue systems by using Rogue System Sensors installed throughout your network. These sensors use various passive and active network discovery techniques to detect systems connected to the network.

When a sensor detects a system on the network, it sends a message to McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) ). McAfee ePO then checks whether the detected system has an active McAfee® Agent installed. If the detected system is unknown to the server, Rogue System Detection provides information to McAfee ePO to allow you to take remediation steps, which include alerting administrators and automatically deploying a McAfee Agent to the system.