Remove sensors

Create a deployment task that removes the sensor from the selected systems, then performs an immediate agent wake-up call.


  1. To select a system from the Systems page, click MenuSystems SectionSystem Tree.
  2. Select a group in the System Tree, then select the systems that you want to remove sensors from.
    Tip: Select systems from the Managed Systems for Subnet page by clicking MenuSystems SectionDetected Systems, clicking any Covered or Contains Rogues system in the Subnet Status monitor, then selecting any subnet and clicking View Managed Systems and selecting systems.
    Tip: You can also select systems from the Systems Details page by clicking MenuSystems SectionSystem TreeSystems, then clicking any system. You can remove the sensor from only the system you are viewing.
  3. Click ActionsRogue SensorRemove Rogue Sensor.
  4. In the Action pane, click OK.


The deployment task removes sensors from the selected systems.