Launch the PCS suite AMI

Launch McAfee ePO preconfigured with McAfee security products.

Before you begin

You must have power user permissions for EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) and EBS (Elastic Block Store) web service.


  1. From the AWS Marketplace, select McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite (PCS) AMI, then select Launch.
  2. On the Choose an instance type screen, select the hardware configuration.
    Note: For McAfee ePO, the recommended minimum setting is type m4 large with 2 vCPUs, and a minimum 7.5 GB of memory.
  3. Click Next: Configure instance Details and specify any configuration details.
  4. Click Next: Add Storage and specify any storage details. We recommend General Purpose SSD for Volume Type.
  5. Click Next: Tag Instance and specify a tag for your instance.
  6. Click Next: Configure Security Group. We recommend that you leave the default settings. Ports 8443 and 80 must be available for McAfee ePO.
    Note: To create a more secure Security Group, see the product guide for your version of McAfee ePO for port configuration specifications.
  7. Click Launch.
  8. In the Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair dialog box, select Choose an existing key pair, to select a key pair that you already created, or create a new key pair.
  9. Select the acknowledgment checkbox, then click Launch Instances.
    Note: It can take approximately 45 minutes to launch McAfee ePO.
    A confirmation page lets you know that your instance is launching. Click View Instances to close the confirmation page and return to the console.
  10. From Instances, right-click the instance and select Instance Settings Get System Log.
    The system log shows you the success or failure messages of launching your instance. The system log also shows the URL and credentials for your McAfee ePO account.
    Note: If there are failures, you can contact us through this group

    The system log shows this message after McAfee ePO installation is complete.

    McAfee-ePO has been installed successfully. The ePO admin console password is xxxxxxxxxx. Login to ePO via the url https://<public-ip>:8443 with a user of admin and the password mentioned above.

  11. To log on to McAfee ePO, open a web browser and type https://<McAfee ePO IP address>:8443. The default user name is Admin and the password is specified in the system log.
    The password specified in the system log is the password for McAfee ePO admin console and also for the SQL database. The default SQL authentication user is sa.
    Important: You must change the McAfee ePO admin console and the SQL database password. See the McAfee ePO product guide to change the admin console password. See Microsoft SQL documentation to change the default database password.
  12. Update the configuration file using the link https://<McAfee ePO IP address>:8443/core/config with the new SQL database password. This makes sure that the McAfee ePO server connects to the database.