Verifying McAfee security products

Verify that McAfee security products are installed correctly on your McAfee ePO instance so that your systems are secure.

  • To test anti-virus: run the Eicar test on the endpoint and verify that the file is blocked. For details about Eicar, see
  • To test McAfee Data Protection for Cloud: from the Volume Tree, select a volume that is not encrypted and select the Encrypt action. You can see that the volume gets encrypted.
  • To test McAfee Host Firewall for Linux: check the status on the client by using this command.

    /opt/McAfee/mfw/bin/mfw --fw status

    If the application is installed, the status is shown as Enabled or Disabled.

  • To test File Integrity Monitoring status: make a change to the hosts file to see that the change is reported on the McAfee ePO server.