What's new

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

  • This release now supports Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) version 1.3.

    This includes support for the following:

    • SWID (Software Identification) scheme
    • OVAL 5.11.2
    • CVSS 3.0 scoring

  • Host Inventory Custom Queries now include these new result types:
    • Discovered Applications and Discovered Applications (with System property filter)
    • Discovered Network Interfaces & Discovered Network Interfaces (with System property filter)
    • Discovered Ports & Discovered Ports (with System property filter)
    • Discovered Registered Extension & Discovered Registered Extensions (with System property filter)
    • Discovered Services & Discovered Services (with System property filter)
    • Discovered System Information (with System property filter)
    • Scan Summary (with System property filter)
  • Additional columns have been included in the Advanced Host Assessment Scans detail page.

    New columns added under Systems Scanned:

    • IP Address
    • Scan Date
    • Operating System

    New columns added under Systems Not Scanned:

    • IP Address
    • Operating System
  • Benchmarks, Audits page and Debug Console now displays:
    • SCAP content version
    • Benchmark versions