Installation instructions

For information about installing or upgrading Policy Auditor, see McAfee Policy Auditor Installation Guide.

Important: Ensure that you make note of the following points before you upgrade:
  • purge data from previous inventory scan before upgrading.
  • After the upgrade, we recommend you use Reset baseline for all inventory scan items.

    Due to the changes to the schema for the collected items, we recommend that you reset the baseline for scans of all items that are collected.

    CAUTION: If the reset baseline is not run at least once, the reporting queries and dashboards might have duplicate entries or the counts might not match for the collected items.

Install Policy Auditor server extension and agent plug-in versions that are supported in your environment. For Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX endpoints the highest McAfee Agent version supported is v4.8.0 Patch 3 (, which is only supported with Policy Auditor 6.2.0 agent plug-in.

Note: McAfee recommends that you upgrade the Policy Auditor agent software when you upgrade Policy Auditor server.

Endpoint Operating System McAfee ePO server version McAfee Agent version Supported Policy Auditor component versions
Windows, Mac, and Linux 5.3.1 or later 5.5.1 to 5.6.1
  • Policy Auditor server extension version — 6.4.3
  • Policy Auditor agent plug-in version — 6.4.3
Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX 5.3.1 or later 4.8.0 Patch 3
  • Policy Auditor server extension version — 6.4.0
  • Policy Auditor agent plug-in version — 6.2.0

For more information about supported product versions, see this McAfee Knowledge Base article: KB72961.