New features

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

Improvements to Advanced Host Assessment Scan

This release includes the changes to the inventory scan:

  • Applications inventory item – The inventory item is split to include:
    • Browser Extensions
    • Package Manager Applications
    • Software Patch
    • Windows App Store Applications
    • Windows Feature
  • New inventory items:
    • Removed applications
    • Registered extensions
    • Network interfaces
    • System information
  • Optimize disparate data – Apply criteria across data collected through inventory scan to gather more insights. This is done through a stored procedure which you can execute on SQL Server Management Studio.


This release includes these dashboard monitors to visualize the inventory scan results.

  • PA: Applications Summary – The PA: Applications Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of the number of installed and removed applications and their variations. The dashboard also allows you to drill-down each list item for detailed information. The drill-down allows you to view the systems associated with an application, patch, or browser extension.
  • PA: Scan Summary – The PA: Scans Summary allows you to search for specific systems. It also displays a graphical representation of the number of systems scanned successful per week for a defined period.
  • PA: System Summary – The PA: Systems Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of the total number of installed applications, running services, and ports for the systems on your network.
  • PA: Top 10 Host Inventory – The Top 10 Host Inventory PA: Top 10 Host Inventory provides a high-level overview of inventory scan results through graphs and drill down access to detailed information.